Category: The Traditions

Setting: The Staff, The Light and The Sword

“The One is perfect love. The One is perfect justice. The two cannot be separated. To ignore one is to dim the other, though to serve one above the other is understood.” – Martin Mercier, Celestial Chorister Those who serve the One are haunted by duality. They are difficult to trust. They have earned your […]

Setting: Hollow Ones, Revisited

“When we first encountered them, we saw them only as a reflection of a moment, in the context of that time. It was easy to dismiss them as temporary, that the moment would not last. The world moved on – but that is their secret. They move with it. They are not limited by the […]

Setting: The Vigilars

“The Order claims to have rediscovered what we never forgot. That the strong have a thankless duty to the weak.” – Constantina Linge-Mkinya, Kha’vadi (Dreamspeaker) With the growing threat of the Gossamers and the Technocracy’s increased disinterest in the protection of the Masses in favor of control and exploitation, there were stirrings within the Order […]