Category: Mage Society

Setting: Hollow Ones, Revisited

“When we first encountered them, we saw them only as a reflection of a moment, in the context of that time. It was easy to dismiss them as temporary, that the moment would not last. The world moved on – but that is their secret. They move with it. They are not limited by the […]

Setting: The Vigilars

“The Order claims to have rediscovered what we never forgot. That the strong have a thankless duty to the weak.” – Constantina Linge-Mkinya, Kha’vadi (Dreamspeaker) With the growing threat of the Gossamers and the Technocracy’s increased disinterest in the protection of the Masses in favor of control and exploitation, there were stirrings within the Order […]

Setting: The Adept Civil War

“The Adepts won everything. The Adepts lost everything. Let their graves be a warning that the world you create is not necessarily one you can control.” – Master Ghiror, Order of Hermes The Digital Web was once a frontier. It had infinite promise. It said it would connect us all, educate us all, make each […]

Setting: Syndicate Ascendant

“Humanity made itself clear. It’s not interested in Enlightenment or Transcendence or whatever trash the philosopher kings and shamans were peddling. They want two things – for everything to be free, and to have more than everyone else. That’s all they want. And I say we strip mine reality to give it to them until […]