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Setting: The Second Inquisition

ECHO TEAM: “Control, target is cornered. We are not getting black body readings though we’ve observed black body adjacent abilities, please advise.” CONTROLLER: “Echo, hold position. A specialist is on their way.” ECHO TEAM: “Wilco, Control… Control, we have… WE ARE UNDER ATTACK, UNKNOWN WEAPON, WEAPONS FREE, LIGHT HER UP..” – Radio transcript, Echo Team, […]

Setting: The Vigilars

“The Order claims to have rediscovered what we never forgot. That the strong have a thankless duty to the weak.” – Constantina Linge-Mkinya, Kha’vadi (Dreamspeaker) With the growing threat of the Gossamers and the Technocracy’s increased disinterest in the protection of the Masses in favor of control and exploitation, there were stirrings within the Order […]