Setting: Hollow Ones, Revisited

“When we first encountered them, we saw them only as a reflection of a moment, in the context of that time. It was easy to dismiss them as temporary, that the moment would not last. The world moved on – but that is their secret. They move with it. They are not limited by the zeitgeist of their origins. They find a home in the cracks, wherever those cracks might be.”

– Yaza, Cult of Ecstasy

No one expected the Hollow Ones to last. Well, those who did not understand them. Seen as little more than the strange byproduct of the trendy ennui of 20 years ago, those doubters did not consider their context. The Hollow Ones trace their origins to the punks, to the beatniks, to the transcendentalists, to the Romantics, to all the places where the Masses chose on their own to refuse to let magick die.

There are places that the hearts of humanity refuse to banish magic from. Quiet nights in graveyards. Old houses and whispering woods. Nursery rhymes and sidewalk cracks. Despite every push and prod, humans refuse to give up the magic of old words, sing-song spells and softly playing music in the dark. It changes a little each year, but in the places of unreality, the Hollow Ones find their power. They incorporate and elaborate every urban legend, every little revelation, pop culture, subculture and schoolyard dare. And it works. After a fashion.

The Hollow Ones are proving to be incredible survivors, because deep down, even the Sleepers do not want magick to die. Not completely. And in the places of quiet fear and fascination, even in this chained up world, even the Sleepers believe more than they let on. And the Hollow Ones takes what they can get, and use it all the way. So whisper your wishes into a mirror – so they can reflect back on you, it is said. Beware the girl with the black cat – they steal luck and give it to their owners, haven’t you heard?

It might be their resonance for the cracks in the world that has led to a curious fact – the Hollow Ones are particularly good at finding Gossamers. And extremely good at “getting along” with them. Even they find it hard to explain why.

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